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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nearoo?
Nearoo is a social marketplace e-commerce platform where you can connect with your friends and family and shop together.
How can I make an order?
Signup using mobile number and then select location. Based on location, we will list available supermarkets and you can select one among it and browse through a wide variety of products or search for a particular product and add it to your basket. The last step is to review your order, select the preferred payment method and place your order.
How can I rate order?
By vising order section and selecting the order you want to rate, click “Rate order” where you can rate delivery boy, picker and products.
How can I check for offers?
Products at offer price is listed separately in app.
What is meant by pick up from store?
By selecting pick up from store, you can personally go to store to pick the product rather getting delivery
How can I return an item?
By visiting order section and selecting the order on which you want to return an item, click on help and select return from available option and then select the product you want to return. You can schedule pickup and delivery boy will come and pick.
How can I earn Nearoo Coins and how will I use it?
Each eligible purchase will add Coins in Nearoo Plus, which can be utilized to convert as credit in wallet, also can be utilized to redeem vouchers and create coupon which can be applied while checkout.
How can I become creator and monetize my content?
It’s easy and fast to become a creator in Talkies. Downloading Nearoo app and sign up is what you do first. Then you can create a channel giving required information clicking “+” from Talkies home page. After creating channel you can upload videos clicking “+” from the same home page. Please refer to our creator policy from below link to review monetization mode.
Creator Policy